July 2013


Special Report: Refinery of the Future

Asia: Future challenges and opportunities for refining sector
Sivanandam, S., Wood Mackenzie

Securing the right quality of crude oil, increasing refinery competitiveness and adapting to fast-changing inter-regional trade dynamics are some of the area's key challenges.

Enhance refinery profitability with modeling innovations
Beck, R., Ajikutira, D., Herrmann, L., Ye, V., Aspen Technology Inc.

Several improvements are on the horizon, which will add powerful optimization capabilities into the process modeler’s simulation work space in areas like heat integration, column optimization and economics.

The future of automation has arrived
Turk, M. A., Clark, D. C., Invensys Operations Management

As automation moves into asset optimization, it spans all elements of operations and can run your process as a business.

Innovative solutions for processing shale oils
Sandu, C., Wright, B., Baker Hughes

New monitoring protocols can provide advance warning of any negative aspects of shale oil processing, thus enabling the refiner to take corrective measures early.

Use 3D visualization to improve refinery engineering and design
Bennett, S., AVEVA Solutions Ltd.

One of the most significant outcomes of rapidly increasing computing power has been in three-dimensional (3D) visualization; oil discovery makes extensive use of it, for example. To a professional r..

Optimize amine units and improve refinery profitability
Zurlo, J., GE Water & Process Technologies

The alkanolamine system in a refinery, better known as the amine unit, is used to remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon dioxide (CO2) and mercaptans (collectively referred to as acid gases) from proce..

Consider catalytic dewaxing as a tool to improve diesel cold-flow properties
Morse, P. M., Clariant

Diesel engines rely on effective dispersion of fuel to ensure efficient combustion. In cold weather regions, maintaining the fluidity flow of fuels can be difficult. Catalytic dewaxing is a selectiv..

Recover value through recycled oil-bearing materials
Hopper, S., Veolia Water Americas

The ability to recycle byproducts as feedstocks, rather than discard them as wastes, helps optimize refining efficiency and presents the potential for substantial environmental and economic benefits. ..

HPI Focus: Energy Efficiency

Are you using pinch technology effectively in your daily operations?—Part 2
Milosevic, Z., Rudman, A., Brown, R., KBC Process Technology Ltd.

In Part 1, the basic principle of pinch technology and applications were presented. Pinch technology is a valuable tool in the design of greenfield HPI facilities. More importantly, such tools provide..


HP Reliability: Expect adversity, but plan for success
Bloch, Heinz P., Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Consider that a major oil refinery was planning a substantial modernization project in 2008. Energy efficiency gains and the ability to process a more readily available crude slate were key motivating..

HP Integration Strategies: Virtualization goes mainstream
Reynolds, P., ARC Advisory Group

Virtualization, a computing approach that decouples hardware and software, is rapidly gaining traction in the traditionally conservative automation and control industry. With its roots in the informat..

HP Boxscore Construction Analysis: Outlook for major revamp projects—Part 1
Nichols, Lee, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Worldwide, refiners are investing billions in upgrading and modernization projects. These efforts are focused on:Increasing flexibility to process heavier, sourer crudesImproving energy efficiencyMeet..

HP Engineering Case Histories: Case 73: Useful troubleshooting tools to keep at hand
Sofronas, A., Consulting Engineer

Over the past 45 years, the author has pursued troubleshooting machinery and pressure vessels. It has also been the subject of this column. The troubleshooting tools used in this endeavor have been an..

HP Industry Perspectives: US ethane advantage appears only temporary
DuBose, Ben, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

The ethane advantage held by the US petrochemical industry is very real, but it may not last that long.Poll findingsOut of hundreds of votes cast in April and May by readers in a HydrocarbonProcessing..

HP Brief
Thinnes, Billy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Gazprom Neft refines Euro 5 diesel fuelGazprom Neft’s Moscow oil refinery has launched production of Euro 5 diesel fuel. Starting last month, all diesel fuel supplied by the Moscow oil refinery t..

HP Impact: Canadian crude production projected to double by 2030
Thinnes, Billy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

A report from the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) forecasts Canadian crude oil production will more than double to 6.7 million bpd by 2030 from 3.2 MMbpd in 2012 (Fig. 1). This incl..

HP Impact: US targets Iran’s petrochemical industry
Thinnes, Billy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

The US Treasury Department, acting in concert with the US Department of State, recently took action to target Iran’s petrochemical industry (Fig. 2). As Iran’s oil revenues continue to fall ..

HP Impact: Global distribution of natural catastrophes in 2012
Thinnes, Billy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

In 2012, there were 905 natural catastrophes worldwide, 93% of which were weather-related disasters. In terms of overall and insured losses ($170 billion and $70 billion, respectively), 2012 did not f..

HP Impact: HSE remains a major concern for the oil and gas industry
Thinnes, Billy, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Health, safety and environment (HSE) concerns remain the top issue on the oil and gas industry’s risk agenda, according to a new report from Ernst & Young.“The industry is undergoing intense..

HP Innovations
Blume, Adrienne, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Training simulator to aid ethylene operatorsHyperion Systems Engineering has delivered to the Linde Group an operator training simulator (OTS) for ONGC Petro-additions Ltd.’s ethylene plant in Da..

HP Construction Profile: European refiner makes significant processing advancements
Romanow, Stephany, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

At the Sannazzaro de’ Burgondi refinery, Eni is moving forward with leading-edge technological breakthroughs to produce “clean” transportation fuels. This refinery has a balanced 190,00..

Free Literature
Meche, Helen, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

High-performance valve manufacturer launches new website Conval’s upgraded website is said to help engineers and plant personnel find the information and contacts they need for new construct..

New Developments
Meche, Helen, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Dresser-Rand and Honeywell to jointly pursue turbomachinery control solutions Dresser-Rand and Honeywell have agreed to combine Dresser-Rand centrifugal compressor knowledge and experience with the Ho..

Valves 2013 Supplement

Use wireless valve-monitoring technology to your advantage
Sequeira, T., Pentair Valves & Controls

Financial pressures, combined with increasing safety and environmental requirements, have resulted in a significant increase in the need for valve-position monitoring in industrial plants. However, th..