Maire Tecnimont

Maire Tecnimont Group’s digital transformation program has two main areas. The first is the digitalization of their own core processes in several different ways: by using digital enablers to increase competitiveness by reducing costs for the Group's companies and for their customers, and by speeding up the bidding process and project execution. The second main element is to create a digital advantage as an EPC contractor by incorporating digital services for new and existing clients by improving plant productivity, by reducing operating costs and by increasing plant sustainability. The Group is identifying new value-generating and technology-enabled offerings; improving customer experience and therefore their business proposition; and deploying opportunities to enhance the generation of In-Country Value (ICV) in the regions where they do business.
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Executive Viewpoint: Maire Tecnimont and the second wave of the circular economy
Folgiero, P., Maire Tecnimont

The circular economy has already entered the public’s consciousness, and consumers are increasingly aware of the urgent need to recycle plastic, with the practice becoming more widespread than ever.

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