ARC 2016: Moving forward with the Industrial Internet of Things

By Mike Rhodes
Technical Editor

Peter Terwiesch, president, process automation division, ABBORLANDO, Florida -- At this week's ARC Strategy Forum, discussions continue to center around the latest and, perhaps, most relevant trends in the hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI): cybersecurity, the effective utilization of data analytics, process controls and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). 

On Tuesday, in-depth panel discussions and interactive sessions included information and shared practices on, among others:
  • The costs of aging control systems and their remaining life
  • Imagining the future of data using manufacturing operational intelligence
  • How the IIoT enriches remote monitoring
  • The converging worlds of process safety and cybersecurity
  • IIoT machinery “ecosystems” that leverage the digital thread
  • The potential for the IIoT for closing the loop on machine design
  • Ethernet and IP for process field devices
  • Case studies in industrial cybersecurity management
  • The organizational design dilemma of IT/OT.
Terms and concepts such as the IIoT, smart manufacturing, Industrie 4.0, digitization and connected enterprise are clearly moving past the hype stage to the point where real solutions are emerging, backed by strong associated business cases.

Throughout Tuesday, questions and issues were addressed. How will inexpensive, easy-to-install sensors change existing products and plants? Will cybersecurity concerns impede disruptive innovation? What kind of intelligence will machines have and what value will this bring? What role will Wi-Fi and LTE play? How do Big Data and predictive and prescriptive analytics enable operational change? What is the opportunity in aftermarket services? What software capabilities are needed to achieve transformational change? Which industries are already changing? What steps can organizations take to foster innovative thinking?

Through collaboration and lively discussion, the ARC forum attendees continued to delve into the issues facing the industry.

Pictured right: Peter Terwiesch, president, process automation division, ABB

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