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Öztürk, G.

Tüpraş, İzmit, Turkey

Gözde Öztürk is a Process Engineer at Tüpraş’ İzmit refinery, responsible for the crude and vacuum distillation units. She previously worked as an Operations Engineer. Ms. Öztürk holds a BSc degree in chemical engineering from Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey and an MSc degree from Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, Turkey.

Cleaning distillation column and heat exchangers through cutter stock circulation

Tüpraş: Özkan, L.  |  Aydin, İ.  |  Öztürk, G.

The Tüpraş İzmit refinery’s largest crude distillation unit (CDU) is designed with a preflash column prior to the atmospheric distillation column.

Troubleshoot flooding problems in a crude distillation column

Tüpraş: Öztürk, G.  |  Kibar, S.  |  Akyildiz, G.

Crude oil is separated into more valuable products, such as naphtha, kerosene, light diesel, heavy diesel and atmospheric residue, in crude distillation units (CDUs).

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