Özsağiroğlu, E.

Tüpraş, Şişli-İstanbul, Turkey

Erhan Özsağiroğlu is a Simulation Superintendent at Tüpraş headquarters within the Process Optimization and Digitalization department. He previously worked as a Senior Process Engineer at an engineering company for 5 yr and holds a PhD in chemical engineering from Istanbul Technical University. The author can be reached at Erhan.Ozsagiroglu@tupras.com.tr.

Fouling monitoring and prediction of heat exchangers via simulations powered by AI-driven models

Hydrocracker units are the most valuable conversion facilities in refineries. The outcome is the conversion of a variety of feedstocks to a range of products—the units that produce those products can be found at various points throughout a refinery.

Debottleneck analysis on a coker debutanizer via simulation models

Production requirements for more valuable refined products and/or increased refining flexibility are increasing due to new regulations.

Optimization study for vacuum offgas amine sweetening unit using simulation model

Özsağiroğlu, E., Tüpraş

Technology is constantly developing, and the competition is intense.