Letzsch, W.

The Shaw Group, Houston, Texas

Innovation drives new catalyst developments

Letzsch, W., The Shaw Group

Future challenges in environment and product specifications involve more sophisticated catalyst systems

Improve catalytic cracking to produce clean fuels

Letzsch, W., The Shaw Group

Update the cracker heat balance to minimize coke make

Increase light olefins production

Dharia, D., Kim, H., McCue, D., Stone & Webster Inc., A Shaw Goup Co.; Letzsch, W., The Shaw Group; Chapin, L., Stone & Webster, Inc.

New methods based on proven FCC technology provide additional olefins source

Revitalize stripping operations with structured packing

Letzsch, W., The Shaw Group

Poor stripper performance of FCC spent catalyst burns up products and profits. New retrofit methods cut operating cost and increase product yields