Subrahmanyam, M.

Technip Energies, Delhi, India

M. Subrahmanyam is Manager, Furnace Engineering at Technip Energies India. He earned a mechanical engineering degree from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati and an MS degree in applied mechanics from IIT, Madras. He has more than 26 yr of EPC experience and is a specialist in process fired heaters, including reformers and crackers, which are widely used in petroleum refineries and petrochemical and fertilizer plants Mr. Subrahmanyam has experience in the design and engineering of heaters and has also been involved in various failure analysis studies and troubleshooting services for furnaces and furnace components.

CCR heater convection section bottom tubesheet design improvements

Kulkarni, M., BASF; Subrahmanyam, M., Technip Energies

Continuous catalytic reforming (CCR) is a general reforming process used in the petroleum refining industry.