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Patnaik, C.

Stratview Research, Raipur, India

Chandana Patnaik is a Senior Content Writer at Stratview Research and an experienced technical writer with a passion for exploring and explaining the latest technology developments in the heat and refrigeration industry and their applications across other major segments, including the oil and gas, petrochemicals and chemical industries. She is a regular contributor to various magazines and blogs, and creates insightful and engaging content that informs readers of the latest trends and developments in her areas of expertise.

Heat exchangers: Understanding the technology and its market

Stratview Research: Patnaik, C.

The laws of thermodynamics include: energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be converted from one form to another; and heat always moves downhill, from hotter objects to the colder objects, unless the direction of heat flow is reversed using external energy.

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