Shahani, G.

ShureLine Construction, Kenton, Delaware

Goutam Shahani is Vice President of sales and marketing at ShureLine Construction. Previously, he was Business Development Manager at Linde Engineering in North America. With more than 30 yr of industry experience, Mr. Shahani specializes in industrial gases for the energy, refining and chemical industries. He holds BS and MS degrees in chemical engineering, as well as an MBA degree.

U.S. modularization—Keep an eye toward the most economical approach

Rentschler, C., Al Bassami Industries; Shahani, G., ShureLine Construction

Modularization has been discussed extensively as a means to facilitate the construction of significant projects.

Consider purpose-driven methods for communicating with engineers

Johnston, G., Laporte Consultants Corp. USA; Shahani, G., ShureLine Construction

Technology has dramatically transformed communication methods and, more importantly, the ways that engineers share information with colleagues and clients.

Project Management: Efficiently expanding a specialty chemical company

Parmar, A., COIM USA; Shahani, G., ShureLine Construction

COIM, a specialty chemical company, decided to expand its production capacity in the U.S. to supplement growing market and economy.

Business Trends: The ins and outs of construction contracts

Shahani, G., Berg, J., ShureLine Construction

Industrial construction projects are becoming larger and more complex, with shorter schedules. To meet these challenging requirements, such construction projects are often executed by multiple entities located in different countries that may have different business objectives.

Comparative analyses of common project execution alternatives

Shahani, G., ShureLine Construction

With major projects (FIG. 1), alternatives are generally considered in overall project execution and in construction.

Creating a ‘win-win’ between construction contractor and project owner—Part 2

Berg, J., Shahani, G., ShureLine Construction

For large projects, construction represents the biggest cost component and the greatest risk.

Creating a ‘win-win’ between construction contractor and project owner—Part 1

Shahani, G., Berg, J., ShureLine Construction

Numerous articles have been written about the key elements to a successful construction project.

Management: Active career management

Shahani, G., McDermott, J., ShureLine Construction

A career involves a series of decisions and experiences that improve a person’s knowledge, competencies and personal fulfillment.

Construction—The cornerstone of a successful project

Shahani, G., ShureLine Construction

Construction is essentially a cyclical business.

Modularization: The key to success in today’s market

Mulrooney, M., Shahani, G., ShureLine Construction

The world economic order is rapidly changing. A transition is underway, led by the sudden collapse of crude oil and natural gas prices. Here, the pros and cons of modularization vs. field construction are outlined.

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