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Jazayeri, B.

Reacxion, Orange County, California

Behzad Jazayeri has more than 20 years of experience in process engineering, with a focus on the engineering of new chemical technologies to commercial success. He has designed many pilot plants and six first commercial plants, and has performed numerous techno-economic assessments of existing and emerging process technologies. Mr. Jazayeri is an expert in the design of fluidized bed and fluid-solid systems and has extensive background in gasification, combustion, oxycombustion, bioconversion, alternative energy, gas-to-liquids, chemicals, petrochemicals and solar-grade polysilicon. He has authored four publications and coauthored one patent.

Lessons learned in commercial scale-up of new chemical processes

Reacxion: Jazayeri, B.

Commercializing a new chemical process can be as simple as installing one or more homogenous batch reactor(s), or as complex as designing a fully integrated chemical complex requiring one or more heterogeneous reaction steps processing gas, liquid and/or solids, with other units required to prepare feeds, recover products/byproducts and recycle streams.

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