Kennedy, J. P.

OSIsoft, San Leandro, California

J. Patrick Kennedy is the CEO and majority owner of OSIsoft. Under his visionary leadership, OSIsoft has grown from a small software startup in 1980 to a highly profitable global corporation. Prior to founding the company, Dr. Kennedy worked as a research engineer for Shell Development Co. and as an applications consultant for Taylor Instrument Co. He attended the University of Kansas, where he earned a BS degree and a PhD, both in chemical engineering. A registered professional engineer in control systems engineering, he holds a patent on a catalytic reformer control system. Dr. Kennedy has co-authored two books and is also the author of numerous papers.

Retrospective: Then and now— Looking toward the future

Kennedy, J. P., OSIsoft

In 1982, I wrote an article called “Using process computers as robots for refining operations,” which was published in the May issue of Hydrocarbon Processing.