Logue, C.

Emerson Automation Solutions, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Christopher Logue is the Global Product Manager for wireless technologies at Emerson’s Automation Solutions business. In this role, he serves as an IIoT enabler for the implementation of new wireless technologies in process plants worldwide. He holds a BSME degree from Villanova University.

Building industrial networks to serve IIoT and digitalization

Logue, C., Emerson Automation Solutions

Two of the terms growing in popularity over the past few years are “digital native” and “digital immigrant.” Natives are those individuals young enough to have known computers and the internet since childhood. For them, such technologies have always existed. Immigrants, either through age or circumstance, had no exposure until later in life. Hopefully, for them, such technologies are a welcome addition to work and life, but they can remember times when most activities were more manual, local and isolated.