Abid, J.

Consulting Engineer, Islamabad, Pakistan

Jamshaid Abid is a Piping/Project Engineer with more than 16 yr of experience in project design, engineering, installation and commissioning for onshore oil and gas (greenfield and brownfield developments) and ammonia-urea plants in Iraq, Pakistan, the UAE and Yemen. He holds a BE degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology in Taxila, Pakistan.

Supply Chain: How to reduce piping inventory

Abid, J., Consulting Engineer

Piping represents a significant part of the plant cost, ranging from 15%–25%.1 Materials stored in warehouses or storage facilities cost companies in terms of personnel, materials, time, space, insurance, risk, etc. This article proposes cost-saving strategies for inventory reduction. Further, it emphasizes consistent naming conventions to avoid creating duplicate/redundant items.

Project Management: Estimate skid and package dimensions

Abid, J., Consulting Engineer

In the absence of vendor quotations or detailed engineering, preliminary dimensions of skids or packages can be estimated quickly using the ratio method.