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Patel, K. R.

Chiyoda, Houston, Texas

Komal R. Patel is a Senior Process Engineer for Chiyoda International Corp. in Houston, Texas, where she serves on a variety of both large- and small-scale oil, gas and liquefaction projects. She has more than 10 yr of experience, primarily in process engineering for gas processing and LNG facilities. Prior to joining Chiyoda, Ms. Patel worked as a Senior Process Engineer at Worley Parsons, Fluor Corp. and Dow Chemical in the oil, gas and LNG sectors for both onshore and offshore locations. Ms. Patel received a BCh degree in chemical engineering from the University of Houston, and holds PE licenses in Texas, Louisiana and Oregon.

Advancing export terminal technology: An optimized process for the refrigeration of cryogenic hydrocarbons

Chiyoda: Rosetta, M. J.  |  Patel, K. R.

Ethane production in North America (NA) has expanded dramatically with the onset of shale production and associated hydraulic fracturing. Ethane concentrations in fractured shale gas are typically 10% or higher vs. a traditional range of 4%–7% in associated gas.

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