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Kalakodimi, R. P.

ChemTreat, Ashland, Virginia

Rajendra P. Kalakodimi received an MS degree in physical chemistry at Andhra University and a PhD in electrochemistry at the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore in 2003. Dr. Kalakodimi is the Director of Applied Technology for ChemTreat Inc., in Ashland, Virginia. Prior to joining ChemTreat, he served as the Engineering Technical Leader at the GE India Technology Center in Bangalore and as a Product Manager for Chemicals and Monitoring Solutions for GE Water. He has more than 20 patent filings, 20 international publications and various conference presentations.

Cooling water microbiological control

ChemTreat: Baron, C.  |  Kalakodimi, R. P.  |  Buecker, B.

The authors’ previous article, “Advanced cooling tower water treatment,” published in the June issue of <i>Hydrocarbon Processing</i>, outlined modern chemical treatment methods for scale and corrosion control in cooling towers and associated cooling systems, which are integral components of refineries, petrochemical plants and similar facilities.

Advanced cooling tower water treatment—Part 1

ChemTreat: Post, R.  |  Kalakodimi, R. P.  |  Buecker, B.

Refineries, petrochemical plants and similar facilities rely on a significant number of heat exchangers for process control and product formulation throughout the plant.

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