Plowman, O.

Actenum Corp., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Owen Plowman is the VP of Business Development at Actenum Corp., where he blends his software technical skills with knowledge of the oil and gas industry to advance Actenum’s product capabilities and address customer challenges effectively. He has worked in the IT industry for 41 yr. Prior to joining Actenum, he spent 14 yr at Oracle Corp. Canada Inc., in a variety of management positions in sales consulting, technical support, marketing and professional services. He left Oracle to act as an independent consultant to small and mid-sized software companies. Mr. Plowman began his career writing commercial software in 1979. After completing his university studies in molecular biology and computer science, he was employed by Meta Systems Canada (an Ontario software startup), where he led development team efforts and consulted on projects for Canadian and U.S. government agencies and defense contractors.

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Plowman, O., Actenum Corp.

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