Optimize isomerization reactor temperatures and component RON

N. Toraman, K. Kahraman, TÜPRAŞ-Turkish Petroleum Refineries Corp.; P. Billings, O. Sabitov, Honeywell UOP

Isomerate is useful because it is paraffinic and contains no benzene, aromatics or sulfur. This pentane and hexane fraction of crude oil is known as light naphtha. The main objective of reactions is to increase the research octane number (RON) of the components. Decreasing fuel consumption without changing the product RON of isomerization units is discussed here.

Central American nations beef up import infrastructure, fuel production amid demand shift

Nogarin, M., Contributing writer; Rhodes, Michael, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

   Methanex’s methanol facility in Trinidad.

Utilize APC solutions to resolve hydrocracker conversion optimization challenges

Bożek, M., PKN ORLEN S.A.; Oleszczuk, G., Honeywell Advanced Solutions

Improving profits and reducing costs remain priorities for owner/operators and management.

Industry Metrics

Rhodes, Michael, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

US product markets weakened despite unseasonably strong gasoline demand, and the gasoil crack spread hit the lowest level seen in more than five years, under pressure from increasing supplies amid thin demand due to warmer winter weather.

Industry Metrics

Rhodes, Michael, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Asian margins showed a strong recovery due to higher winter heating fuel demand, supporting middle distillate crack spreads.

Improve refinery margins with new crude selection concept

Knudsen, P. U., Statoil Refining Denmark; Maleki, S., Frontline Systems, Inc.

A refinery with an active crude selection strategy encompassing dedicated staff, preapproval of all new crudes and an updated crude acceptance window can gain $0.5/bbl–$1/bbl vs. a more passive strategy.

Improve refinery flexibility and responsiveness

Olsen, T., Schodowski, E., Emerson Process Management

The hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) has changed significantly with an abundance of available discounted crude oils, a rise in markets served beyond the traditional local or regional demands, and a renewed focus on being both competitive and profitable while complying with ever-changing regulations.

HP Industry Metrics

Rhodes, Michael, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Refinery utilization rates in the US, encouraged by the high driving season demand, continued to rise following the end of the heavy maintenance season. Regional demand in Asia continued lending suppo..

China’s ‘energy revolution’ strives for sustainable growth

Rhodes, Michael, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

China's energy demand, particularly for petroleum and other liquids, is rapidly increasing as its industrial and transportation infrastructures expand.

HP Petrochemicals: Higher international sales boost 2015 earnings above forecast for many chemical leaders

Martin, S., Contributing Editor

Raw materials costs continue to stay low in the US thanks to the shale boom, but the global decline in oil markets has eroded selling prices for many of the nation’s domestic chemicals and plastics producers.