Engineering & Design

Viewpoint: Envisioning a “future-proof” refinery of the future

Carugo, M., Emerson Process Management

Trying to predict how global refining markets will look in 2026 is a losing proposition. The only thing we can count on with any real certainty is uncertainty.

A new solution to the challenges of crude selection and scheduling

The state-of-the-art approach to solving the crude selection and scheduling problem is to separate the two challenges.

Improve refinery compressor performance with a reengineered rotor

de Koning, B., Sulzer Rotterdam Service Center

When a scheduled maintenance task at a refinery in Germany revealed the need for a new rotor assembly, working with local independent specialists enabled the team responsible to improve the design and performance of the compressor without further interruption to service.

Technip to provide basic engineering, equipment for Saudi furnace project

Technip will provide basic engineering and proprietary equipment for a grassroots ethylene cracking furnace in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

Mitsubishi Plastics selects Jacobs as engineer on US plant expansion

Under the terms of the agreement, Jacobs is providing engineering services for the $100 million investment, which includes installation of a polyester film production line.

Use computational fluid dynamic analysis to revamp fired heaters

Garg, A., Chilka, A., Furnace Improvements Services Inc.

A refinery process fired heater system consists of multiple sub-units, of which the fired heater is the most critical, as it impacts the overall efficiency of the system.

Small-scale coal-to-chemicals can revitalize India’s petrochemicals industry, economy—Part 2

Paluskar, P. V., Sakthivel, S., Marve, M., TATA Consulting Engineers Ltd.

In Part 1 of this article, published in April, the barriers of petrochemical production in India were discussed, along with the opportunity to explore chemicals from coal, using the specific example of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).


Andrew, Bob, Hydrocarbon Processing Staff

Planned shutdowns, turnarounds and outages (STOs) are often scheduled for preventive maintenance and new equipment installation that must be performed to keep a plant running and in regulatory compliance.

Calculate thermal growth of a fractionation tower for piping engineering

Darji, P., Chaube, N., Dave, N., L&T-Chiyoda Ltd.

The fractionation tower/column is common processing equipment in the petroleum refinery and chemical industry.

Design a pressure safety valve at the centrifugal pump discharge

Kadam, N., Daelim Industries Co. Ltd.

In most process plants, it is unusual to install a pressure safety valve (PSV) to centrifugal pump and compressor discharge, but some PSVs are needed and are installed to protect the system against miscellaneous scenarios that could create overpressure in the system.